We represent both public clients and suppliers

The regulations on public procurement are complicated and place extensive requirements on both public clients and suppliers. We have conducted more than 100 competitions for the public sector and litigated more than 20 legal disputes in the area of public procurement.

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We have the expertise required 

Gille Advokater DA has Norway's foremost expertise in the field of public procurement regulations. We represent both the public and suppliers who want to have the public as a customer.

One of our lawyers has contributed to writing a commentary on the regulations and is one of the lawyers who has worked most with issues related to the regulations on public procurement in Norway.

Gille Advokater assists in all stages of the procurement process, including:

Public clients

  • Planning of procurement - defining needs 
  • Selection of procurement procedure 
  • Preparation / quality assurance of competitive basis 
  • Announcement 
  • Assistance in case of rejection 
  • Evaluation of offers
  • Appeal procedure
  • Legal proceedings


  • Regulations training 
  • Evaluation of specific cases 
  • Reviewing the basis of competition to identify matters of particular importance for the design of tenders 
  • Review of the offer to ensure that there are no circumstances that may lead to rejection by competitors 
  • Review of reservations 
  • Negotiations 
  • Complaints 
  • Process 
  • Internal courses (basic and advanced) on how to position yourself best in a competition

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Esther Lindalen Rohde Garder


   +47 934 01 211